Working in Partnership

Our extensive experience in delivering some of Europe’s biggest and most complex PPP projects is matched only by our success in working with a wide range of specialist partners to ensure that we meet the needs and expectations of customers.

We recognise the value and benefits which result from collaboration within our own organisation and work closely with our sister companies across Europe to provide an integrated, value-for-money approach which delivers the most cost-effective and sustainable outcome for our customers.

Externally, we have an excellent track record of developing highly effective and successful relationships with clients, contractors, lenders, and investors.

The BAM PPP-PGGM Joint Venture

BAM PPP and PGGM entered into a joint venture in 2011 to provide a long-term partnership to invest in the developing social and transport PPP markets in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, and Switzerland. This relationship was further strengthened in 2016 (read the press release) with PGGM now having committed funding of €620 million, which brings the total joint venture committed funding to €775 million.

BAM PPP retains full responsibility for bid management for new projects and the provision of asset management services to the joint venture and will represent the joint venture in its transactions.

PGGM is a supportive investor, generally providing 80% of the required capital for projects. The board of the joint venture is formed on an equal basis between the parties.

Visit the PGGM website

Bristol City Council

"Bristol City Council has enjoyed 12 years of effective partnership with BAM PPP through negotiation and then operation of four secondary schools under PFI. All four schools were constructed and handed over on-time and within the agreed budget. The relationship between BAM PPP and BCC, whilst contractual, has remained a positive partnership, effective and mutually beneficial. Clear processes support the rapid resolution of issues when they arise. Bristol is delighted to note the steady improvement of secondary pupil achievement in recent years. Whilst the improved success of secondary schools cannot be directly linked to the contract with BAM, it is my firm belief that improved pupil outcomes are, in part, a result of the much-improved learning environments for which BAM are responsible."

Bob Rutherford, Project Manager, Bristol City Council

West Sussex County Council

"West Sussex County Council and BAM PPP have worked together for over 10 years, managing the contract for three secondary schools. The schools are in a very good state of repair and this in part is due to the excellent relationship that the County Council enjoys with the SPV. The working relationship is effective, professional and positive. BAM PPP work with the County Council to proactively manage emerging issues and their partnership approach is very much appreciated."

Martin Clarke, Programme Manager, West Sussex County Council

Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD

"All eight Schools on the Schools Bundle 3 project were delivered on time, on budget & to the highest standards. Up to 80 large schools are required to service large towns by 2018/2020 to accommodate the expected population growth. The PPP process is likely to have to cater for an amount of these. Contractors have difficulties with the length of time it takes to close-out PPP schemes due to the legal issues etc. involved and suggested that the Government would welcome ideas from the likes of BAM on how this process could be streamlined."