Wendy Stewart

Head of Operational Finance

As the Head of Operational Finance for UK & Ireland, I’m responsible for managing a team of eight people.  I oversee my team to ensure efficient day-to-day financial management of 50 developments which includes 20 PPP projects and 22 associated companies across the roads, education, justice and health sectors, four investment companies, two local education partnerships and two bidding companies.

Part of our team’s role includes drawing down the required funding for the project on a monthly basis during the construction phase to ensure it can meet all its financial obligations. During the operations phase we need to manage the project efficiently whilst adhering to the requirements of the credit agreements and reporting to the lenders on a quarterly/semi-annual basis.  We’re responsible for the cash management of the projects and ensuring compliance with credit agreements and financial covenant testing.

The role requires strong organisational ability with attention to detail, and good communication and interpersonal skills.

The last year at BAM has been very busy, closing three new projects in Ireland. New financing structures were used for the first time, all of which were very different so there was a steep learning curve for all involved.

The role is challenging and very specialised but also very rewarding.  There are always changes whether it be the dimensions of a project, new accounting legislation, a new financing structure or just dealing with different partners all of which makes it a very demanding but interesting role.