Stewart Mackintosh

Senior Investment Manager

My role as a Senior Investment Manager covers asset management and corporate transactions.  I’m responsible for asset management of UK and Irish projects, monitoring risks and opportunities by liaising with the local operational and finance team. I also work with colleagues covering projects across Europe in order to share ideas and improve operational efficiency and performance as well as enhancing shareholder returns.  I assess potential investments and divestments and prepare investment appraisals for decision making by the Board.

I’m part of the team managing the joint venture between BAM PPP and PGGM, BAM PPP PGGM Infrastructure Cooperatie. My role involves asset management of projects and effective management of the joint venture including monitoring of project performance, quarterly reporting and distributions, valuation, business planning, investment approvals and attendance at board meetings. 

Over the last year I’ve implemented new protocols and controls to improve the robustness of the BAM PPP PGGM JV and the reporting environment which was a contributing factor to the long-term commitment of the partners.  I’ve also identified a number of significant improvements for the portfolio and, together with colleagues, I’m working on implementing these which should result in material benefits for stakeholders.     

I’d been involved in Public Private Partnerships before, having been a financial advisor to both public and private sector clients and was interested in moving into a role within a sponsor.  In BAM PPP, as part of a large European construction company with a global outlook, there was an opportunity to grow with the company and be involved in projects and with colleagues across different sectors and countries.