Eline Hordijk

Senior Development Manager

The multifaceted expertise of BAM and its variety of services in the field of construction, real estate and infrastructure was one of the many reasons I applied to work for BAM in 2011. After my BAM traineeship, where I worked in several operating companies in different countries, such as BAM Infra in The Netherlands, BAM International in Abu Dhabi and BAM PPP in Belgium, I knew I wanted to develop my skills in the financial and contractual aspects that are important conditions for construction projects. Additionally, I was eager to have a role that was relevant to my qualifications in Spatial Planning and Science and Innovation Management. Within this role I am required to understand the client’s needs to create the best product.

BAM PPP is an excellent company with a variety of opportunities to develop your skills. The multidisciplinary nature (technical, financial and legal) of PPP projects, combined with the multiple stakeholders and project complexity ensure a challenging and diverse role. As Senior Development Manager I worked on a mixture of projects: from accommodation projects like Student Housing Complex’s and Prisons up to multidisciplinary infrastructure projects like a Tram Link and the Afsluitdijk, in the Netherlands. Involvement in multiple projects, like those aforementioned, provides variety that keeps me sharp and enjoying my role.

Currently, I am working as a Bid Manager for a PPP project in Belgium. Together with the tender team we are looking for the best solution for our client that will allow us to convert this into a competitive bid. My role is to ensure integration between the design, construction and maintenance parties to optimize the bid from a financial and total cost of ownership perspective. This is a very challenging role, typically for the culture and approach of BAM PPP.