Diana Mahazosoa

Finance Manager

As a Project Finance Manager I’m involved in the financial execution of large scale PPP projects, focusing on the acquisition of debt funding.

Developing and implementing funding strategies are central to what I do. This includes the evaluation of procurement requirements and project documentation, the application of financial modelling to bid structuring and managing international funding competitions among banks and institutional debt providers.

Being able to quickly review and analyse large amounts of complex information is an essential skill for the job, as is the ability to understand the different perspective of all stakeholders.

I’ve joined BAM PPP in 2016 and have already had many opportunities to develop my financial expertise. I have developed complex financial models and a forward-looking tool which will assist us in assessing and channelling the profitability of our future projects. Laying the foundations - from the financing perspective - for BAM to bid competitively and win the next projects is an achievement I’m proud of.

BAM was recommended to me by a former colleague whose company has been working with the firm on an hospital project. He introduced BAM as a highly regarded player in the market and a valued consortium partner, underlining not only BAM’s professionalism and cooperative culture but also the expertise of its people, particularly in PPP. My experience with BAM has only confirmed his view. Working with the best people in the project finance industry is an invaluable and rewarding opportunity.