Carlo Kuiper

Projects Director

My reason for applying to BAM in 2011 was to improve my project management skills and my understanding of the challenges within construction projects. In the past few years, I’ve not only achieved that but I’ve also learned about investments and business cases but most of all about the importance of motivating people.

I’m currently working as a bid manager for the Afsluitdijk project. Our team is trying to find the best solution for our client, Rijkswaterstaat. This solution has to incorporate the strengthening of the dam, the construction of a pumping station, renovation of the existing sluices and the construction of two flood gates. In short, it is a very diverse and multidisciplinary project which sparks one’s imagination.

Winning a bid depends on craftsmanship, creativity and courage. Within BAM we have many experienced colleagues who are more than willing to share their knowledge. This opens up craftsmanship. Many people are being trained in facilitating workshops in order to connect and inspire people. This boosts creativity. Everyone is eager to obtain new orders and the management takes responsibility. This shows courage.

As a bid manager, I try to create a setting in which outspokenness and transparency are valued. Within BAM this is not very difficult because these values are part of our culture. That is why I feel at home here. That is why I feel motivated. That is why BAM offers an inspiring workplace.