Our track record in the roads sector includes the construction and operation of fourteen major projects in the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany and the UK, as well as maintenance of more than 300km of motorways and highways.

As well as the construction of new roads on greenfield sites and the widening and upgrading of existing carriageways, we work across all types of PPP developments including real tolls, availability, and shadow toll schemes.

The setting of realistic and sustainable costs – based on accurate economic and traffic flow forecasts – is a key feature of our approach.

We regularly work with specialist partners to deliver major projects, such as the Celtic Roads Group Consortium, which is responsible for the Dundalk and Waterford bypasses and the Portlaoise motorway in Ireland. In the Netherlands, we delivered the N31 and A59 motorways with the and Poort van de Bosch consortiums.

In December 2020, the A59 project in the Netherlands reached the end of its concession period and operation and maintenance was successfully returned to the client.