Digital Construction Case Study: Irish Schools PPP Programme – Bundle 4

BAM is responsible for the detailed design, build, finance, maintenance, and operation of four new schools in Ireland, providing approximately 2,950 pupil spaces, and Digital Construction was a vital part of the project's success.

Each of the designers in the supply chain provided a 3D model and then a ‘Federated Model’ was created so that each designer had the ability to coordinate the design as the project progressed. This proved to be a success for both the design and construction phase of Schools Bundle 4 and also for handover to the BAM Facilities Management team.

Key features:

  • Full 3D design & coordination
  • Point Cloud Data used to verify As Built information with HDS Laser Scanners
  • 7D (or BIM-2-FM) implementation for Facilities Management
  • Instant access to information via mobile devices

For many within the UK & Ireland construction industry, the ambition is to adopt full Level 2 Digital Construction delivery, through to FM. However, in February 2016 BAM was the first company to achieve this in Ireland when it completed the first full commercial transition of a progressively developed building information model dataset.

Autodesk Building Ops was the CAFM system of choice for BAM FM. This application is new and has been developed entirely by Autodesk. BAM has a major focus on user experience which Building Ops delivers well. It also provides a more efficient asset management tool than BAM’s previous CAFM system.

The link formed between Autodesk Building Ops and BIM 360 Field is bi-directional and seamless and was the primary technology used to deliver populated Asset Information Models (AIM).

Key successes:

  • 91% reduction in site precast cores
  • 78% reduction with site corrective actions
  • Instant access to information via mobile devices