At BAM PPP, the primary focus of our hospital design work is on patient need and the creation of a welcoming and efficient healthcare environment.

We create therapeutic environments and clinical accommodation with good access and bright, airy public areas. East Ayrshire’s Community Hospital, for example, features enclosed gardens and facilities showcasing local art exhibitions and is used as a showcase by the NHS in Scotland due to its high standards of hygiene.

We also work closely with our sister company BAM FM to provide a dedicated single point of contact responsible for overseeing day-to-day operation, enabling us to deliver the full range of support services to the highest standards.

The University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein in Germany is our most recent health sector projects involving the renovation of one of Europe's largest centres for medical care at its locations in Kiel and Lübeck in Germany. The unique feature of the university hospital is the interaction of health care, research and teaching with the result being that scientific findings flow directly into the health system.