Supreme Court of the Netherlands

BAM is responsible for the design, build, finance, maintenance, and operation of the new housing for the Dutch Supreme Court that will arise opposite the Ministry of Finance on the Lange Voorhout in the Hague.

SPV General Manager Philip Kroner outlines the background to Dutch Supreme Court project.

"As the highest court in the fields of civil, criminal and tax law in the Netherlands, the Supreme Court is responsible for hearing appeals in cassation and for a number of specific tasks with which it is charged by law."

The architecture has been an important decisive factor.

The new court included the following facilities across six levels and 18,000m2:

  • two courtrooms able to accommodate 400 people;
  • a small courtroom for 80 people; and
  • a reception area for 400 people.

In addition, the building also includes two cells, various meeting rooms, a restaurant, pantries, workspace for 350 people, library and an archive as well as additional 70 parking places and a parking for bicycles below ground level.

All facilities will be of a very high quality. The range of services to be provided during the operations phase comprises building services, cleaning, catering, security, ICT infrastructure, and waste management.