N31 Dual Carriageway

The N31 road in Friesland, Germany (known locally as the Waldwei), between Nijegaasterhoek (at Drachten) and Hemriksein (at Leeuwarden) needed upgrading to a dual carriageway in order to avoid the many serious collisions that were occurring.

Using a design, build, finance, and maintenance arrangement, the Dutch Highway/Water Authority (Rijkswaterstaat) commissioned the construction of an aqueduct at the Hempenser Wielen and the replacement of the existing Fonejachtbrug by two bridges and doubling of the total route to 2x2 lanes over 13 km to improve traffic flow and road safety.

The N31 Highway was awarded to Wâldwei.com which consists of BAM PPP, Dura Vermeer and Ballast Nedam Concessions.

The works included:

  • widening 13 km of the existing road between Nijegaasterhoek and Hemriksein from one to two lanes;
  • constructing an aqueduct at the Hempenser Wielen area;
  • coordinating the repositioning of cables and pipes; and
  • organising the required permissions from transport organisations, private parties living in the area, and public bodies.

During construction, the existing motorway remained operational with the works being completed four months ahead of schedule and the procurement, through the DBFM contract, delivered cost savings of 31% in comparison to a traditional procurement method.