Irish Schools PPP Programme – Bundle 4

BAM is responsible for the detailed design, build, finance, maintenance, and operation of four new schools providing approximately 2,950 pupil spaces.

BAM has extensive experience in the education sector and a reputation for taking a highly innovative approach to delivering facilities which cater for a wide range of community needs.

The schools were as follows:

  • St Joseph’s Secondary School (Tulla, Co. Clare) – space for approximately 650 students;
  • Skibbereen Community School (Skibbereen, Co. Cork) – space for approximately 900 students;
  • St Mary’s College (Dundalk, Co. Louth) – space for approximately 900 students; and
  • Comeragh College (Carrick-on-Suir, Co. Tipperary) – space for approximately 500 students.

High-quality learning environments

In line with its reputation for cutting-edge design, BAM’s team had a number of objectives for the project. SPV General Manager Liam Roche outlines what the team aimed to achieve.

"Our focus was on providing high-quality teaching and learning environments and creating through first-class building solutions school facilities which offer safe, secure, functional, attractive, and inspirational environments where staff can help pupils to fulfil their academic and social potential.

"We want to provide flexible and adaptable solutions which cater for a variety of learning and teaching styles and create accessible schools which are valued by the local community to increase opportunities for lifelong learning in the wider community by working with schools to support opportunities for learners of all ages.

"In essence, the aim is to help deliver educational and non-educational activities that attract people of all ages and create a strong sense of community."

BAM also has a strong reputation for building innovation into its school projects as demonstrated by some of the techniques used across the four schools.




BAM Ireland is leading the way in Building Information Modelling (BIM) implementation in the Republic of Ireland, having successfully achieved Level 2 BIM (7D) on the Schools Bundle 4 project.

That ground-breaking approach was recognised In 2016 when BAM VDC won a significant award for BIM Innovation for its work on the Schools Bundle 4 Project.

BAM Building and BAM FM have collaborated on the development and use of BIM technologies and with the assistance of Autodesk created a bespoke helpdesk solution linked to the building BIM model.

BAM FM are also trialling a number of robotic technologies on the project such as drones, robotic cleaners, and robotic mowers.

Gerard Lambe, Deputy Principal at St Mary’s College in Dundalk, commented:

"BAM FM have delivered an excellent school that will be maintained to the highest standards. Through their use of the latest technologies we, as staff, will have a greater influence on our working environment and its upkeep."