Derby Police Headquarters

Located at St Mary’s Wharf in Derby, the new Divisional Headquarters and City Section Station was Derbyshire Police Authority’s second PFI contract and involved the design, construction, finance, operation, and maintenance of a new purpose-built police station and Divisional HQ.

SPV General Manager, Richard Oxley, explains what the project entailed.

"Our team transformed a derelict brownfield site into a purpose-built 8,000 m2 law enforcement centre. The facility included specialised units for custody and communications which had to incorporate a high level of resilience to civil emergencies.

Efficient environment

"It was also important to provide a comfortable and efficient environment for 450 police officers and 60 civilian support staff as well as ensuring that it catered for a range of community activities for the people of Derby."

As well as office and administration facilities, the four-storey building provides a 39-cell custody suite and a separate victim support and child protection unit.

The design also incorporated the latest communications technology. That included a 60 metre-high radio mast. By renting out space on the mast, shared third-party income was generated for the Police Authority and for the project special purpose vehicle (SPV).

Facilities Management includes building engineering maintenance, cleaning services, furniture provisional renewal, and waste management.