Cheshire Police Headquarters

BAM PPP and our partners transformed a greenfield site in Winsford, England, into a state-of-the-art police headquarters and training centre which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The challenges of the modern-day criminal justice system demand that Britain’s police forces have the best technology, equipment, and facilities to enable them to deliver the most effective service to local communities.

For Cheshire Police Authority, changes in general approaches to policing across the country, coupled with a drive to improve the quality of service provided to the public, were the impetus behind their decision to replace their existing facilities.

SPV General Manager Iain Harris explains how BAM PPP worked with the Authority to develop a more modern, efficient, and responsive policing service within the area.

"The key to the success of the project was our team’s ability to recognise the wide range of specialised services which the new facilities would have to accommodate and understand what specific areas each would require. That was the only way to ensure what we delivered would help make operations more efficient and effective.

"That could encompass everything from security, forensic laboratories, and evidence storage to the needs of Special Branch, media facilities, a firearms unit, and a vehicle maintenance section."


The first stage of the process was an extensive consultation and design exercise involving the Police Authority, the Constabulary, various planning bodies, end-users, and members of the public.

The 23,000 m2 premises, located close to the M6 motorway, accommodates over 1,000 personnel in more than 50 different departments and includes the following:

  • a three-storey main building with four separate wings;
  • a central open-air courtyard with water features and social areas;
  • a 25-room accommodation block for staff attending training programmes;
  • ancillary buildings for vehicle maintenance, training, and the armed response unit; and
  • extensive sports and recreational facilities, including a gymnasium, sports hall, and restaurant.

Iain continued: "The new building enabled the Authority to centralise call management and training facilities which meant they were able to offer a more effective service at a reduced cost. They were also able to identify other efficiency savings from operating so many services on one site.

"In addition, the proceeds from the sale of the old headquarters contributed to the building of a new police station in Chester and enabled future investment to be made in police buildings by the Authority."


Construction costs on the project were £34 million with work taking approximately 17 months to complete.

BAM PPP delivered the project in partnership with its sister companies BAM FM and BAM Construct.

Iain went on to explain how BAM PPP's services continue long after the initial construction phase has been completed.

"We continue to be responsible for whole-life maintenance. That means actively managing a range of areas such as performance issues, reliability, and the initial and recurring cost to make sure that the designs and specifications take account of ongoing operations."

BAM is also responsible for delivering the full range of FM services including catering, cleaning, security, pest control, grounds maintenance, utilities, training facilities, and front of house services.