Bremervoerde Prison

The State of Lower Saxony and BAM PPP, together with Royal BAM Group companies BAM Deutschland and Müller-Altvatter Gebäudemanagement, designed, built, financed, and now maintain and operate the State's first PPP prison project in the City of Bremervoerde.

SPV General Manager Andreas Schröder outlined the background to the Bremervoerde Prison project.

"The site of the new facility was a former army barracks located at the edge of the city of Bremervoerde in the state of Lower Saxony with the first stage being to demolish the old building.

"The scope of the project itself comprised the design, construction, finance, maintenance, and operation of a new prison for 300 inmates with 180 beds for prison inmates, 90 for investigative custody, and 30 to accommodate open prison inmates.

"The new prison consists of two separate cellblocks, an administration building, a sports hall, and a factory workshop covering a total space of 23,240 m2.

"BAM Deutschland has a lengthy track record in the construction of prisons so the team has a strong understanding of the particular challenges involved.

"For example, it was important that the manufacturing facility at the prison, which catered for 135 inmates, was able to accommodate the different needs and levels of ability of different prisoners. That could involve very different tasks covering everything from metalworking to more simple activities such as recycling of old clothes.

"Our team is always focused on taking an innovative approach – and the Bremervoerde project demonstrated that by winning an award for innovation in security."

"One of the keys to the success of the project was consultation with the client at an early stage – developing a strong relationship with them is very important and again the team was able to achieve that with the Ministry of Justice."