Availability Model A10/A24 – Neuruppin to Pankow

The A10/A24 is the first of 11 projects of the so-called ‘new generation’ wave of PPP infrastructure projects that was launched by the German Ministry of Transport in 2015. The availability model A10/A24 is located near the German capital, Berlin.

The design, build, finance, maintain and operate contract comprises the widening of the A10 to six lanes for a length of 29.7 km of motorway and the complete reconstruction of the A24 with four lanes plus an extended hard shoulder for a length of 29.2 km. In addition to the motorway, the construction scope of works also includes several bridges (27 replacement constructions, 10 new constructions, and two demolitions), noise protection walls, traffic sign bridges, traffic management installation, interchanges, rest areas and secondary/agricultural roads.

For a 5 km section of the motorway, Digital Construction will be used for the design anc construction, as well as parts of the heavy maintenance scope.

The construction activities will be carried out by BAM’s German civil engineering company Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau in cooperation with HABAU.

The operation and maintenance works and services (including winter services) cover the entire contract section with a total length of approximately 64.2 km of motorway, including 51 bridges (37 new constructions and 14 existing). The winter services also include the 10.3 km section of A10 from interchange Havelland to AS Falkensee. The O&M works will be carried out by BAM PPP and HABAU.