Training & Development

BAM PPP is committed to investing in your personal development to improve your skills and knowledge.

Our in-house BAM Business School is our internal education and training academy for the Group, its aim being to support the creation, dissemination and adoption of knowledge for employees by providing advice and training courses.

Its role within the organisation has broadened. The number of operating companies it supports is growing and, in addition to providing training advice, it will also now act as a business partner.

By understanding staff competencies, the School can deliver development programmes to help achieve organisational objectives and stimulate cooperation within the Group by offering inter-company training courses.

Staff regularly participate in internal PPP specific courses and are offered the opportunity to advance their own professional development through a range of external courses.

Group programmes

BAM PPP also participates in the following Group programmes:

  • Graduate Programme
    This two-year programme gives graduates the opportunity to spend six months with four of BAM’s operating companies gaining extensive experience of the full range of the Group’s activities.
  • Finance Graduate Programme
    The latest addition to our programmes, this new scheme offers more assignment based training.
  • Young Talent Management Programme
    This initiative provides support for our graduates as they settle into their permanent positions within their BAM operating company
  • BAM Manager
    A programme offering leadership or talent management training for senior members of staff, including project managers