PPP Kantienberg

Ghent Student Accommodation Kantienberg was the first Belgian accommodation design, build, finance, operation and maintenance contract.

The Client, the University of Ghent started the tender in the summer of 2007 and signed the contract on 19 October 2009.

The project included:

  • 570 student housing facilities, including communal rooms
  • Student restaurant and terrace for 600 seats (excluding furniture)
  • Underground car parking (120), bicycle shed and outdoor space
  • Hard FM services and helpdesk relating to elevator and technical installations only
  • Lifecycle of building fabric finishes and services to defined service and hand back standards

BAM PPP’s Belgian sister company CEI-de Meyer was responsible for construction, and maintenance contractors are Imtech Maintenance and ThyssenKrupp.  A 33-year concession period commenced on project completion.

The design was developed by Huiswerk Architects from Antwerp. The availability of the student housing was phased, the first units were complete in 2011 and the remainder of the project was completed in May 2012.