A-model A8 Motorway

This is the first of four pilot projects under the A-model program involving the widening of certain heavily congested German motorways. The financing of the PPP scheme is based on the HGV toll paid by vehicles that use the concession section and collected by Toll Collect on behalf of the Federal Government.

The A8 is a corridor belonging to the Trans-European Network (TEN) in Southern Germany. Some sections are more than 60 years old and cannot cope with heavy traffic volumes. In addition, some sections do not have an emergency lane and sight distances are hampered by crests. The section concerned is located in Southern Bavaria with current traffic volumes of more than 100,000 vehicles per day, of which 11,000 are lorries > 12 tonnes.

Compared to traditional procurement the PPP approach ensures rapid completion and aims for an increase in efficiency.

BAM PPP is a leading shareholder of the Special Purpose Vehicle, autobahnplus A8 GmbH. As contract partner of the Autobahndirektion Südbayern (Motorway Authority South Bavaria) the SPV took over the responsibility for design, financing, construction (widening), operation and maintenance for the concession section. Design and construction has been passed down from autobahnplus A8 GmbH to the EPC Contractor, in which Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau - another Royal BAM Group company - has a 25% stake. Similarly, responsibility for operation and maintenance has been transferred to autobahnplus Services GmbH, in which - again - Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG is one of the shareholders.

According to the split of works described above the SPV is responsible for the overall project management, quality management, the financing and refinancing of the project, the management of insurance issues and marketing and PR.

The range of construction activities include:

  • The widening of 37km motorway from 2x2 lanes to 2x3 lanes and emergency lanes;
  • The establishment of noise protection installations;
  • The construction of roadside rest areas without personnel;
  • The construction or adjustment of the bridge structures;
  • The construction of road drainage with rain retention basins;
  • The adjustment, relocation, renewal or extension of operational installations of the CAA such as existing permanent count sites and ice warning systems; and
  • The adjustment and the construction/upgrading of access points in accordance with the existing planning approvals.

In May 2007 - autobahnplus Services GmbH took over the responsibility for operation and maintenance of 52km motorway (the 37km above + a 15km already widened portion) on day one of the 30 years concession period, i.e. without transition period.

The operational services and the maintenance activities include:

  • Cooperation with safety authorities
  • Winter service
  • Cleaning and grass cutting
  • Regular reviews of the stability, road safety, functional requirements of the road / the structures and the operational safety of the project
  • Preventive and routine maintenance including minor repairs
  • Renewal and reconstruction as required