About us

Royal BAM Group Companies have been active in the PFI/PPP marketplace since the mid-1990s with our first contract signed in 1999. BAM PPP was formed in January 2006, as a result of Royal BAM Groups' increasing involvement in PPP across Europe, to optimise the utilisation of knowhow and experience available within the Group.

BAM PPP employs over 90 people, most of whom have been involved in PPP since its inception, who are based within offices in Bunnik, Brussels, Glasgow, Birmingham, Dublin and Frankfurt. Our highly skilled and experienced in-house bid management, operations and maintenance, legal and financial teams are well equipped to deliver a broad range of first class tailored facilities and services that deliver the required innovation to leave a sustainable legacy for future generations.

BAM PPP works closely with its sister companies across Europe to provide a value for money integrated whole life approach to projects. Our key strength is our Europe-wide reach and our detailed local knowledge of the market. Through our sister companies, we have unrivalled access to international expertise, experience and resources. Access to the wider resources of Royal BAM Group allows us to offer public sector partners the best of both: world-class expertise and the local knowledge that ensures a smooth execution of projects large and small.


BAM PPP's Executive Board


Kieron Meade, Managing Director

Kieron Meade was appointed as Managing Director of BAM PPP BV in October 2015. Kieron joined BAM PPP UK as a Director in 2005 and was appointed as Commercial Director of BAM PPP BV in 2007, then Group Company Director of BAM PPP BV in March 2009. Kieron is a Chartered Surveyor.


Chris Williams, Director

Chris Williams was appointed as Finance Director of BAM PPP BV in October 2016. Chris, a Chartered Accountant, joined BAM PPP as a Finance Manager in 2005 following 7 years with PwC. He was appointed as Investments Director of BAM PPP BV in 2009 and has been a Director of the BAM PPP PGGM Joint Venture since its inception in 2011.