Corporate Social Responsibility is fundamental to the PPP concession model, requiring engagement and cooperation with a wide range of interested parties and Stakeholders.

CSR is a major driver of our design and property management solutions for the whole life of the facility. Increasing focus is being given to how we respond to issues of sustainability and the needs of Communities and Stakeholders in the proposals we make and include:

  • Engagement with local communities via initiatives in developing learning and leisure programmes that allow the Community to use the facilities and services we create in a positive way.
  • Adopting sustainable design solutions for the future including Geothermal heating and Bio-mass technology.
  • Developing on-site energy production via photo voltaic solutions etc.
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of the buildings to meet stretched CO2 targets [passive house designs].
  • Developing lasting partnerships with our Customers and Stakeholders

BAM PPP adheres to our parent company Royal BAM Group’s comprehensive CSR policy, which is applied throughout its worldwide operations. The basis of this policy is that we conduct our business in such a way that our values and behaviour are aligned to the expectations and needs of all of our stakeholders and the wider society.

BAM’s main business principles have been divided into the following sustainability themes:

  • Conducting our business with integrity; ethical behaviour and transparency
  • Good communications, with all stakeholders
  • Creating customer satisfaction
  • Looking after our employees, in their workplace and through personal development
  • Working with partners with similar core values who promote sustainability
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Reducing waste; raw materials
  • Being innovative; developing sustainable solutions

Ongoing awareness amongst our employees is maintained through regular presentations and discussions.